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100’s of things to do with toilet rolls

When I have some time, I like to browse on pinterest.  I think that if I had much more time on my hands I would be doing a lot more browsing!  If you want to follow me, go here 🙂

After finding a huge stash of collected toilet roll inners, I was wondering what on earth I could do with them besides the usual (I use them to start off my seeds so I don’t disturb the seedling roots when I transplant them like this)  So, Google and Pinterest it was!  I found loads of ideas.  Some of my favourites are these:


Make little owls:  I love owls!

Bird houses:  Could also be made into little fairy houses or somehow incorporate a candle for a pretty night-time effect.

Have your toddlers practise threading:  I’ll be trying this one with my daughter this week.  Use tape to make the end of the wool firm.

Pretty jewelry or decorations:

Stamping:  Make your own wrapping paper 🙂

And these are just gorgeous:



Another link with some ideas:

Aaaah Pinterest! lol




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10 ways to entertain kids on a rainy day

* bundle up and go for a walk.  Splash in as many puddle as possible!

* go for a drive to find the end of the rainbow.

* use old apple boxes and paper plates to make cars.   Make popcorn, choose a move and go to the ‘drive-in’ in the lounge.

* snuggle up with hot chocolate and read books till everyone falls asleep.

* close the curtains and play with torches.

* build a fort from bed linen and furniture.

* play hide-and-seek on tip-toes

* bake bread

* have an ever-lasting bubble bath.  Add glitter 🙂

* make pizza or soup from scratch