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Monthly Kit Club thru Edu-Kits

Have you lovely people seen this: Monthly Kit Club

I think it is an awesome idea.  Being at home all day with little ones is tiring sometimes.  Our brains are marvellous  but sometimes they need a bit of a helping hand to think of something fun and creative and educational to do.

When I work with little people, I like to have a theme to follow, these kits will give you an activity as well as supplemental activity ideas depending on the age of the child and the kit you sign up for.  You can build on each activity by adding in activities, outings, crafts, baking etc that will enrich your charges learning.  What a bonus for the parents, not only is their child being lovingly cared for at home, but also learning through fun activities every day.  And once you’re done, may I suggest you make a note of the activities you did and file it away.  Soon, you will have an amazing resource of child-friendly fun at your fingertips.