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When things dont go so well anymore

In-home childcare is such an emotional job. You’re looking after little people who develop serious attachments to you; you’re privy to the personal aspects of your employers lives (and if you’re unlucky like me have seen most of them naked! But that’s for another post) and you’re more than am employee but not quite family. Domestic employment is unlike any other employment and when things start to get bumpy it can be even more difficult to solve.

This is why I like a thorough contract when starting a position,but if like most aupairs you don’t have a contract or your contract is very basic and doesn’t cover what steps to take when you hit a few potholes,then it’s time to sit down and make some changes.

Most of the time, issues are due to resentments or expectations on either side which are not communicated for whatever reason. Often,just by writing your concerns down and coming up with ways to solve the problems these can easily be resolved once you discuss them.

Sometimes however, the problems cannot be resolved and then it’s time to move on. Do it professionally, you need the reference,and you’ll feel better about it afterwards. Always strive to be the bigger person.