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Valentines day

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Oh dear, I”m too late again.  I had this whole post planed out for you in my head so you could get creative with your charges and things got busy and suddenly Valentines day is passed and it’s already Friday again!

I will share anyway, maybe you can still use the idea for a birthday or other special occasion (Easter is only 38 days away 🙂 )

My boss always likes to get the teachers something nice for Valentines day.  So this year I suggested I bake with the girls and we do biscuits / cookies.  Nice and easy and the teachers usually appreciate the effort.

I followed this recipe and idea:

We made the dough the day before and popped it in the fridge.  Following day we made 120 cookies (faint).  60 big ones and 60 small ones.  The best part of course is rolling out the dough and eating little bits lol

I iced majority of the biscuits  cookies whilst the girls were at school because I know my girls and they could easily take an hour to decorate 4 each, so 40 each would take FOREVER!

Rolling out

Cutting out shapes (she’s only 2, so cute, did this all by herself!)

The big ones

Big ones decorated

The little ones

Pretty good for a 2yr old hey…done totally on her own

And then, we put some florists oasis into 2 little pink tin buckets, and stuck 30 big ones in each bucket and the girls took them to school to share out.  Teachers got little jars with little ones in 🙂


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I'm Sarah, married to an awesome man who also goes by the name 'Daddy' and mommy to a gorgeous little girl Skye. We're just a 'slightly crunchier than normal' family growing up gently together.

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