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Holiday Crafts: Gingerbread

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Not exactly South African, but who doesn’t like baking with their charges? And which kids don’t like getting all messy with dough and icing? Gingerbread is such a Christmasy thing to do!


Gingerbread (houses, biscuits, people) are a tradition in many parts of the world dating back to ancient Greece it seems, but more commonly heard of in Europe.  Why not make your own?  You can make gingerbread people with your toddlers, more complex gingerbread houses with older charges and for yourself and your employers why not some mini gingerbread house biscuits or some gingerbread drinks.  Why not make some gingerbread playdough too?  And of course, read Hansel and Gretel.




Author: Sarah

I'm Sarah, married to an awesome man who also goes by the name 'Daddy' and mommy to a gorgeous little girl Skye. We're just a 'slightly crunchier than normal' family growing up gently together.

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