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Ginekoloog, really?!

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I had a funny moment this week with my charges.   They are Afrikaans and I’m English, so sometimes things get a bit lost in translation but  this week I had to laugh…6yr and I were talking and somehow we got onto the subjects of our parents jobs (yes, even nannies have parents who have jobs lol! She was amazed).  She was adamant that her parents were both a ‘ginekoloog’ (gynaecologist).  I was trying not to laugh out loud, but because I was laughing I couldn’t think of the proper word for Geologist (their real profession!) in Afrikaans.  It is ‘Geoloog’ in case you were wondering, easy to see why a 6yr old could get mixed up.  MB and DB had a good laugh about it later that evening…

I think this is one to write down and bring out at her 21st 🙂


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