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November 2012

Sometimes life throws us a curveball. We might feel like everything is right in the world and then suddenly, we’re faced with something we didn’t expect to happen.  As aupairs, our jobs are usually precarious.  We often work on 1-year contracts and have no stability from one year to the next. For many, this is not a problem as they are merely doing this as a means to occupy themselves or earn a little pocket money whilst studying.  Some of us though, see this as a life-long career.  Unlike many careers, our employers usually do not contribute towards medical aid or pension schemes for us and it is up to us to ensure that we are providing for our future.  With the rising costs of living, it is vital that you get into a routine of paying towards your future NOW, whilst you’re still young and of (hopefully!) sound body and mind.  If you have a child or dependant, you should also look into life insurance.  I suggest you ask your friends, parents, employers etc who manages their retirement funds and speak to someone who can explain to you what is available and best suited to you and your situation.  There are many options, many companies and a broker can do all the hard work of reading the small print and explaining to you exactly what you’re getting.  You don’t have to pay in a lot, even R150/month will help in the long run, and if it goes off as a debit order, you most likely won’t even know that it’s not there!  Do it, today 🙂


EDITED to add 2 links I found, specifically aimed at domestic employees (which we are 🙂 )


And they’re on my links and downloads page on my website.


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