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Safety 1st

October 2012

Right, I’ve decided that I HAVE to get this started, otherwise it is just a waste of space!

A topic that is bugging me at the moment is safety.  Yes, I know everyone harps on about it all the time, but it obviously isn’t making much of a difference because I still see people doing stupid things.

1) insist on age appropriate, up to date (yes, car seats ‘expire’, usually after 5 years), good condition car seats to use with your charges.  Children should be rear facing till 2 years old/13kg minimum, in a harness till 18kg minimum and then in a booster seat till they are tall enough to use a seatbelt properly (between 8 and 12 years old)
2) hold hands and teach children how to cross roads properly
3) use bicycle helmets when riding bikes
4) NO cellphones whilst driving
5) keep up-to-date on your first aid and cpr
6) always have medical information of your charges at hand, including medical aid cards and a written letter from the parents allowing you to administer first aid, cpr and seek and give permission for potentially life-threatening conditions should they not be available.